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SpeedyTan 30mg Tanning Nasal Sprays enable you to rapidly tan, whether you prefer indoor sunbeds or outdoor sunbathing, at any time of year.

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What Are Tanning Nasal Sprays?

Tanning Nasal Sprays (sometimes known as Nasal Tanning Sprays) are a supplement that enable you to tan extremely quickly, either by using sunbeds, sunbathing outside, or simply by being out and about in the sun.

How do Tanning Nasal Sprays Work?

The tanning nasal spray has a special ingredient called melanotan-2. This works like the body’s own tanning booster. When you sniff the spray, this ingredient makes its way into your body through the soft lining in your nose and gets into your blood. There, it starts to work its magic, encouraging your skin cells to make more of a pigment called melanin when you’re exposed to the sun, or to a sunbed. This is what gives your skin a tanned look in amazingly fast times.

How fast do Tanning Nasal Sprays work?

Almost straight away. We have customers who report great nasal tanner results after just a couple of sunbed sessions, saying they would normally have had to have several more sessions to get the same results.

How do I know SpeedyTan Nasal Sprays are the real deal?

Unlike most suppliers who buy from wholesalers and have no idea if the product is good quality or not, we make our tanners in our own lab so have full visibility of QC:

What do our customers say?

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

Money Back Guarantee

What is the SpeedyTan 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

SpeedyTan are so confident in the effectiveness of our Tanning Nasal Sprays that we are happy to offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee. If within 30 days of ordering you are not satisfied that you have developed a better tan in less time than you normally do, then simply let us know and we will refund you – no quibbles and no hard feelings.

2 x 10ml triple strength tanning Nasal sprays

SpeedyTan Tanning Nasal Spray turbocharges your tan

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WARNING – the tanning nasal spray marketplace is full of scammers!

Many tanning nasal sprays on the market do not contain anywhere near the amount of active ingredient they claim. The active ingredient, melanotan-2, is very expensive to manufacture so unfortunately the temptation is there for unscrupulous suppliers to use less than advertised in their sprays, sometimes far less, and sometimes these products contain no melanotan-2 at all!

The following is what a 10ml tanning nasal spray bottle should contain (dissolved into sterile water):

    • Single Strength – 10mg

    • Double Strength – 20mg

    • Triple Strength (like SpeedyTan’s) – 30mg

A study in the US tested many products on the market there and for example found some “Single Strength” nasal sprays contained less than half the 10mg active ingredient advertised. Worse still, some contained no melanotan-2 but did contain dozens of random chemicals.

SpeedyTan Tanning Nasal Sprays Contain ONLY sterile water and 30mg melanotan-2

Tanning Nasal Sprays on the beach

How do I dose Tanning Nasal Sprays?

    • One dose is one spray up each nostril (so two sprays).

    • We recommend for the first week to take two doses per day, one morning and one night.

    • From the 2nd week onwards we recommend taking only one dose per day.

    • Do not exceed two doses per day.

How do I store SpeedyTan Tanning Nasal Sprays?

In the fridge! The melanotan-2 active ingredient is a very delicate compound once it’s in solution (the sterile water) and can degrade with even room temperature heat. It is usually okay out of the fridge for up to 24 hours, however unlike many suppliers, we still ship orders in thermal packets which help to keep them cool in transit so you receive your order in perfect condition. So long as you keep it in the fridge, the spray will last fine for up to 12 months.

How long will my bottle last with continual use?

Your SpeedyTan 10ml Tanning Nasal Spray bottle will last around 3-4 weeks if you follow the dosing regime detailed above.